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VQ Race

Postby chrisjonesbath » Wed Feb 10, 2016 10:52 pm


Had a look at a VQ Race today. The nicest looking Atos I have seen, except they seem to have made the sail too short spanwise and hence have had to use extra velcro on the zip. Plus the nose cone velcro is showing. Pretty poor show from Air. Has anybody else come across similar problems with Air Gliders?

VQRace1.jpg (159.5 KiB) Viewed 1681 times

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Re: VQ Race

Postby Mike Bomstad » Sun Feb 14, 2016 10:31 pm

Woah, For the price, I would expect better

Mike Bomstad
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Re: VQ Race

Postby Martin » Wed Feb 17, 2016 5:28 pm


Hopefully I'm not at risk of offending somebody at A.I.R. as I'm considering buying my last ATOS before I retire......

I've noted over the last few years that Felix seems to have drifted to a slightly more creative style of developing different wings without really finishing anything. The A.I.R. web site does not bother to keep the customer up to date and seldom if ever announces anything exciting to keep the customers interest. That said, this creative phase is interesting. Think about it, We have the VR-Plus... yet nothing on the web site, no certification no real specs and searching the web will turn up multiple versions leaving me to believe there might not even be an official production version? (which, btw I doubt has anything to do with safety of the "Plus"... with a winning lotto ticket I would buy one in a heart beat!). To make my point I recently came across a video of a VR-Plus that had 3 spoilers in the tip section...."stock" is two? three?... ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dvt9iWU83Fg ) ... I just assumed its a prototype trying to tweak some faster roll.

The VRS has multiple versions, 135-190-290(?), The VQ,also has multiple configurations, Race, the new fancy tail, Fixed tail, upgraded tail, tip speed battens, no tip battens... not even clear as to what the RACE means? (I'm waiting for the VQ-PLUS! ;-) )

I kind of like this creative phase of Felix's creations... kind of like my home made winch... never stops evolving. To me, something as eclectic as uber expensive hang glider deserves some creativity. On the down side, you can start to run into little details (like your nose velcro) that get overlooked or not passed on to the party that actually makes the sail. Yah, for the money... you would expect perfection... thing is, perfection is unattainable! Besides, you could always just go and buy something from the competition?.... oh wait.... there is no competition.... you get what you get.

Thanks for posting the photo, we get so little news on new stuff from A.I.R.... btw in my opinion, That VQ Race looks sweet, even with its genetic defect...



(Edit): btw, the extra Velcro on the "Zip" is the needed modification to adapt the older VQ sail template to the New Keel profile. The sail maker probably did not want to reconfigure the root cut template to match the need for more fabric to wrap the higher profile. The Velcro approach also allows for to assembly flexibility.
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