Atos VR:-wheels or skids?

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Atos VR:-wheels or skids?

Postby WAYNE BEVAN » Mon Sep 21, 2015 9:45 am

having only flown once this year due to various issues I am reluctant to resume flying in light winds until I get a few hours airtime as to be honest "screwing up a landing scares me!" [I'm also having issues rigging in strong winds/that's my excuse for avoiding flying!]
On my only flight at Westbury this year I was happy with the take-off & flight up to the dizzy height of 3000ft agl. The top landing approach appeared good but it went wrong about 5ft agl & I stalled in! Whilst the only damage was a weak link I am aware that it could have been worse!
If I come in fast I am aware that I may not be able to run it out & may eat dirt!
Before I take the step of seeking an alternative sport I am considering purchasing a set of wheels or skids which not only may save me from injury but may give me a psychological boost!
Which is generally preferred? wheels @ £300 or Skids @ £420(tracked) or the standard option which is cheaper!
Another option I am considering is to dump my harness & get my old 'podlite' repaired!
your thoughts & views would be appreciated!
safe flying
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Re: Atos VR:-wheels or skids?

Postby Martin » Wed Sep 23, 2015 3:08 pm


I've pretty much reviewed/looked at all of the available wheels that are out there. ... eview.html

The only wheel set that gets a passing grade are the pneumatic ones that AIR promote but even those come with a caveat, any truly hard impact is likely to break/damage a carbon base tube. A good friend of ours used the solid plastic ones and the had a so,so landing, dropped the base tube in some soft dirt and the weight of the glider coming down vertically snapped the carbon base tube at the wheel junction.

We brought in a set of skids, non roller, ridiculously priced (then again if its carbon, what would you expect?). Other then a few mountain flights we are undecided if we want to use them with the type of towing that we do (they pose a "towline contact" risk). The skids do offer a much better transition to the base tube and will probably reduce the potential for damage to the carbon base tube. Also, on rolling or rough terrain, I'm skeptical they will help much (like the rock strewn moonscape we have at our flying sites).

Not getting out enough is the real problem. For myself, I get allot of airtime but it does not add up to that many landings and I know it hurts my landing skills (and I'm not embarrassed to say so). My landings are not horrible but they sure could use some consistency. It can't hurt getting some skids or wheels but getting a bunch of landings in a training environment might be a better confidence builder (or confidence breaker?). Do you have anyplace available where you might be able to do a bunch off's and landings in a row in light conditions? Big open LZ with perfect light wind conditions? Like a winch operation or aero tow setup? Knocking off a bunch of landings using the stall alarm and tweaking your procedures all at one time gives your a chance to perfect the timing. The trouble with only getting a few landings per year is, anything you may have learned on the last one is long forgotten on the next one....

Good luck,

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