UK Visit from Felix (with VR+) & general Rigid gatherin

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Re: UK Visit from Felix (with VR+) & general Rigid gatherin

Postby Martin » Wed Mar 04, 2015 3:56 pm

Sounds a little like the concept behind the "Millennium", The Mill used a simple latch and pin to capture the D-Tube (hopefully a little beefier...)

One thing is for sure, it has to be bullet proof... when your 15 feet out on a leading edge you have one hell of allot of leverage.... I remember one time lifting my leading edges of my VR into position and did not clear my latch assembly, I heard a distinct twang... wondered "what the heck was that" ... went to assemble the latch and found the lever side hardware had caught some nose hardware and had cleaning snapped off the tip of the lever (never did find where the missing part went ;-)

I think A.I.R. takes a very long time to finalize a production and production has a very short self life. A little like a hand built custom sports car? (and just a pricey)

BTW, so I gather the new "T" tail keel is all one piece? or does it have some sort of weak link structure to avoid damaging the "artwork"?


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