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Postby nev » Sat Mar 15, 2014 9:56 pm

Neil kindly broght me back a few metres of 'looop' velcro from AIR (its good to have a OEM benchmark)

I'd also bought a few other products from 'Hook and Loop' direct. The standard loop I bought (I got 'FASTNA' as opposed to VELCRO trade name) is pretty much identical to what air supplied, i.e. it doesn't appear to be some special / high-spec (the Flightdesign Ghostbuster Spoilern stuff felt stronger), and nothing like the 'heavy dury' velcro you can get which you could probably lift cars with!

I've also compared, side-by-side, the FASTNA 'low profile' hook & loop product - after a mickey-mouse test it 'feels' like it is up to the job. The test wasn't that scientific - just the same size samples being ripped apart by hand - but in all cases these samples will all exceed the sticktion of the hook & loop currently on my glider, and I'm only looking for a final-season workaround for my aging sail
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