VR power keel (homemade)

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VR power keel (homemade)

Postby lukenicol » Tue Feb 25, 2014 8:51 pm

I have made a VR power keel, here is the write up and photos.
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Re: VR power keel (homemade)

Postby nev » Thu Feb 27, 2014 2:12 pm

Wow Luke, you are keen!

Two observations:

(1) Make sure you don't too much weight at the back of a glider - I don't know what you know about aerodynamics, but weight forward of the CofG is often quite benign, but too much weight aft can bring about undesirable characteristics. However, given the 'new' stinger is shorter, you have already start to mitigate any increase in weight by the shorter moment.

(2) Is Glassfibre a structural material? (I genuinly don't know the answer). Carbon fibre is, and given you intend to layer on some carbon then you will have structure (but watch the weight - its often the build up of resin that adds to unwanted weight).

On the subject of Carbon (having played with it for some time now, both on RW's and making various non-flying items as its such a versatile material), you probably could have not used the sleeve beneath the moulding, but instead just wrapped CF (from the moulding) directly around the tube(stinger)......this is easily done by covering the stinger in cling film, then overlaying the material, and sliding off when set........probably best achieved by first created the CF sleeve, then gluing the foam to the sleeve, then sheathing everything carbon.

All comments intended as 'constructive' and not 'crtical', as I know I easily come across as the later sometimes (I'm just a bit direct, which is sometimes useful for aviation).

If you ever need any CF Tow** let me know as another flyer gave me a 5kg spool of the stuff several years ago - there must be several miles+ of CF Tow and it will last a lifetime. It's really usefull for small/intricate work.

** - the single strip CF, approx 6mm wide and paper thin, that most sheet CF is made from.
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Re: VR power keel (homemade)

Postby stuart » Tue Mar 04, 2014 5:05 pm

I'm impressed.
May be worth comparing notes with Matt Doncaster, who looked into doing this a couple of years ago.
I'm sure he will not object to me sharing his email -
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