Controling Glyder from Clapsing

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Controling Glyder from Clapsing

Postby Nigel » Fri Apr 14, 2006 10:53 am

Hi Mark

I wonderd if you can give me some sujestions on proventing clapses on my glyder. Iv been on at least three SIV courses and can pritty well control the glider after the deflation has accured, but feel a little bit unsure about prevention, having had at least three major deflations over the past 6 months. One major deflation in Anacy France and another 65% deflation over the Lawley Last week. I need to get this soughted because it is now effecting my flying. After the deflation on the Lawley I found myself leaving a great thermal wich I could have take with James and done a good distance with him just because I felt less confidant in my ability to stop defations on strong days.

Any advice would be appresiated. :

Soory about the spelling.

Nigel Lassetter.
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