Today's flying and very nice it was!

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Today's flying and very nice it was!

Postby leavesley aviation » Tue Jun 20, 2017 1:09 pm

Rigged and turned around to see a bunch of swifts in front so launched right into a solid 1 up to 350 above,then saw a bunch more on the NE face and this climb took me to 1200 above, took it the climb to Lanfaw where it developed into a solid 5 up to 3000 feet and silky smooth,bimbeled around the north side then south side for an hour and landed to help a couple of team pilots but unfortunately they went down so re took to the sky's and flew with Martin a wile before taking another slow climb to 1000 above when a customer called saying he was at my place so cut short my day,too hot anyway! :lol:
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