Leavesley aviation Parajet dealers.

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Leavesley aviation Parajet dealers.

Postby mark leavesley » Fri May 19, 2017 5:43 pm

Our first parajet zenith arrived this morning so I put it together and WOW! It's totally ready to be run in once I go and buy some oil tomorrow,this is a true work of art,yes there expensive but when you see it you see why,I went for the big one so we can fly tandem so we also have the tandem U-Frame bar,also went for the special carbon prop that's a lot lighter than the std but gives a lot more thrust,also went for the carbon cylinder head ducting and for going over seas went for the 2 leather carry bags that the whole package as well as a glider all fits in like a jicksaw,check out the pics and anyone interested come and see it in the flesh and then get saving.
PPG cross overs will be starting soon from CP so if your wanting to be rated for power also come and chat to me or Sian.

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Re: Leavesley aviation Parajet dealers.

Postby Kev Williams » Fri May 19, 2017 10:57 pm

What time you going to be in tomorrow? I'll come over, probably have Louise with me as we'll be doing some ground handling if we can.
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