Any mynd/team pilots interested??

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Any mynd/team pilots interested??

Postby leavesley aviation » Fri Nov 25, 2016 4:10 pm


I'm writing on behalf of the LMSC to ask if you would be willing to
help by joining the LMSC committee. We have some vacancies on the
committee, and it's important we get these filled as soon as possible
- notably the positions of secretary and sites officer (and the
communications officer role is also available, temporarily being done
by Geoff Minshull).

The secretary has for some years been Lyn Antill. The job involves
organising and minuting committee meetings, dealing with correspondence, etc.

The sites officer is John Antill, who is retiring shortly. The sites
officer job is - for obvious reasons - crucial, and involves managing
our sites, dealing with farmers, etc. Some of our sites have
individual managers, e.g. the Wrekin, but the sites officer has an
overall view.

The communications officer looks after general communications with
members, including the web site and Facebook page.

Committee work is usually done in the background, and many members
don't realise just how much goes on to ensure that we can continue to
fly our sites without any problems. Sometimes we are unsuccessful,
e.g. with Bache, but overall our committee has worked long and hard
to protect our sport. But we can't do that without a strong and
active committee, and new blood is always important. If you can help
by joining the committee, please contact our Chairman, Nick Le Gras,
for more information - email him at Or you can
chat with any committee member - a full list is available on There is also a document
outlining the roles in more detail at ... eRoles.doc


Geoff Minshull,
Communications Officer.
Long Mynd Soaring Club
Reply to geoff or here and we can put you in touch if anyone from the team is interested??
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