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Postby mark leavesley » Mon Jun 15, 2015 6:29 pm

Well corndon worked a treat today,I had 3 flights and gwyn had 1 (but a cracker!) :P
Great lift and it was slightly cloudy so I was amazed at the lift,we messed around the SW end for a wile until I spotted 2 birds climbing out front....... AND I MEAN OUT FRONT......3 KMS haha, Like a plonker I went for it from just above take off height and it was to far really but I hit lift a km from the actual birds so stayed with it slowly climbing all the way back to the hillside where I met up with Gwyn,we tightened up and took it high above the hill where we then drifted behind the hill slightly into the lee of the hill where I hit another climb to take me high over the north face of the hill,we ended up both landing 50 yards from the cars,very happy so went to the castle for a drink in the gardens....It's a hard life! :NOT"
Then I went home to chill and saw the wind had gone West so went to the mynd at 1pm and flew there for a wile until my tandem passenger to arrive.
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