CP Plus Courses

CP Plus course with team pilot for team GB Mark Leavesley, BHPA chief flying instructor and owner of Leavesley Aviation.


If you recognise yourself in any of these categories then contact us right away and we will get you booked onto our next course.

: Low airtime pilot
: nervous pilot
: you want to learn how to spot thermals and fly in thermals
: your a recently qualified pilot
: you wish to build your confidence
: club pilot wanting to build on there skills to do the Pilot rating
: rusty pilot wanting to make a come back
: coming back after an accident
: ground handling and kiting needs work
: launching in higher winds
: top and side landings
: rigging and packing in high winds

Course Aims:
To make you a confident pilot in the air and on the ground
Flying in a club environment with others
Expanded understanding of site assessment, weather, glider control, harness set up


: You need to be a full annual member of the BHPA and bring your membership card
: You need your own flying gear and a radio
: If your gear is old now and your not sure about it’s safety we can hire you our school equipment at an extra cost.


There is no time limit on the course and no rush at all, we run our CP plus courses rather different to everyone else, we go through all areas we need to work on until we’re both happy your now at the level you wish to be.

PRICE £499.

Mark with Bear on location 2017 doing some canopy control work with him.

Mark doing a ground handle clinic.

Mark spot landing on one of his instructors head December 2017 Fairborne.


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